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2018 Registration Steps

In order to join the team for the 2018 Cross Country season, you must complete the first three steps below.  In addition, if you are planning to attend the team training trip to Nantucket, you must complete step #4 as well.

To be completed by students:

1. Google Classroom
Join the team's Google Classroom Page. To do so, follow the link. You will need to sign-in with your Easton Public Schools email address. You can also join the google classroom using the registration code (478upa)

2. Sign-up Form (contact list)
Enter your information in the OAXC Sign-up form [2018], and click submit.  This gets you on our contact list. The link to this sign-up form can also be found on the Google Classroom Page.

3. Summer Training Log [required for athletes who participated in a previous season of XC]
Fill out your summer training sheet to reflect whatever running you have done over the summer. (hopefully quite a bit). You should have received the sheet at the preseason meeting. If you require another copy, your captains have extra copies. You can also obtain a copy by emailing me.

The remaining steps require a parent/guardian:

4. Register on Sportspilot (OA's system for athletic registration)

5. Read  carefully, agree to and sign the OAXC Program Rules [2018]

6. If you will be attending the Nantucket Trip, you must also do the following....
  1. Submit a check for $30.00 made out to the "Oliver Ames Cross Country Boosters"
  2. Submit the Nantucket Trip Release Form (under 18).  If you will be 18 years old on or before the date of the trip, you may instead submit the Nantucket Trip Release Form (18+).  The details of the trip are contained in the Nantucket Trip Details document.

Program rules, Nantucket forms, and Nantucket check should be submitted by mail to the following address:

Kyle Sousa         
100 Lothrop Street
North Easton MA 02356