Summer XC Camp

Westwood Cross Country Camp

Each year, some OA Cross Country runners decide to attend a running camp, typically in August, before the season starts. There are many XC Camps in the New England Area, but the one that our coaching staff recommends is Westwood Running Camp

If you choose to attend a Summer XC Camp, be aware of the following:

  • The purpose is to have fun, get your summer training in, and learn more about the sport. The purpose is not to hammer a big week of training right before the season starts.

  • You should not run dramatically more miles, or dramatically different workouts than what the rest of your summer training has been designed to include. (that is a good way to get injured).

  • The cost of camps usually runs around $700.00 (give or take a couple hundred). That cost is the responsibility of the athlete/parents

If you decide to attend Westwood XC Camp, be sure to let Coach Sousa know ( They will expect to you show up with some guidance from your coaches. We will give you that.