Registration Steps

The following are the registration steps for the 2020 Oliver Ames Cross Country Team

1. Google Classroom (to be completed by the student-athlete)

This is your first step in joining the 2020 team. We use google classroom for announcements and reminders throughout the summer and the fall season, so check it regularly. You will need to join the classroom page using your easton email account (ends in When joining, you will be asked for a Class Code. The Class Code is 5xedgve.

2. Contact Form (to be completed by the student athlete)

This form gives us more detailed contact information, as well as your t-shirt size for preseason ordering. Just answer the questions and submit.

Sportspilot is the software used for athletics registration at OA. It is easy to do, but it will take you a little time, and completing it requires both the Student and the PARENT/GUARDIAN be present. This is also the software through which Oliver Ames collects activity fees.

The Program Rules establish team policies and expectations. Read them carefully. We welcome everyone in our program, but we also hold everyone to a high standard. You will need to agree to the team policies to join the team, and you will need to live up to them to remain part of the team. Program rules can be mailed to Kyle Sousa at 100 Lothrop Street, North Easton MA 02356