Recommended Summer Training

Summer training is encouraged for all athletes. We always make an effort to meet all athletes where they are at, but long-term success in the sport of cross country requires a commitment to full training cycles.

FAQ: What if I didn't start on Week 1?

While we always encourage veteran athletes especially to start summer training as close as possible to the beginning of the training plan, we know and understand that there are reasons this might not be possible. Naturally the most common reason is that you are a newcomer to cross country and simply hadn't decided to participate as of when the training plan began. We can meet you where you are at, and adjust the distances and workouts to be appropriate for you. The smart thing to do is to start as soon as you can. Email Coach Sousa at to get some advice on adjusting the plan for you.

Custom Training Plans

The Training Plan for New Athletes is meant to get you started. It is quick to look at and it gets you running as soon as possible. But for most athletes, there will come a point where they want to get a custom made training plan. We figure out how long your runs should be, what your workouts should look like, etc.. Most of our veteran athletes are on custom plans. We are just as happy to do it for newbies! If you want to get a custom training plan, just email Coach Sousa ( and we will set up a time to talk about it.

Training Plan Overview

  • Gives a basic overview of our overarching training plan
  • More details are posted on Google Classroom as each week approaches
  • Each workout on the training plan is explained in detail in this document. You can generally get this information on Google Classroom as the workout approaches, but it is listed here for convenience.

Weekly Plans